|Honer Roll|

Awarded by the Association of Outstanding Enterprise Managers of the Republic of China

The 21st Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises Golden Peak Award

Entrepreneurial model, innovative research and development projects

Serve as Honorary Steering Committee

Product description

Organic produce


Organic agricultural products certified by major organic inspection agencies Each product can be traced in query

Waste disposal


Recycled and converted into fertilizer and feed

Automatic breeding equipment for black soldier flies

Computer system control, container type, on-site disposal of waste Short processing time, low odor and small footprint

Black soldier fly feed

Organic feed, protein, more natural, hypoallergenic and gentle

Organic Fertilizer

Rich in organic matter and chitin

liquid fertilizer

Solanaceae, melons and fruits have obvious effect

Introduction of black soldier flies

Black Soldier Fly


Introduce the hatching time of black soldier flies

Black Soldier Fly ecology

The relationship between black soldier flies and animals, plants and people

Coversion of Black Soldier Fly

Decomposition and transformation

Container advantage

Yuland family

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